Remembering Lobo


Lobo 1993-2010

Beloved friends of Jack Wilson, Arlene Kaiser, and Lobo,

By now, many of you already know that my best friend of 17 years, Lobo, has died. He had lived to be over a hundred “dog years” and could no longer enjoy any quality of life. The veterinarian came to the ranch on February 27th and mercifully ended his suffering. Needless to say, I was plunged into profound grief and I am still stumbling around dealing with one or more of Dr. Kubler-Ross’s Four Stages of Death.

Many of you have already been kind enough to share this burden with us because you knew and loved Lobo too.

I am setting up a “Lobo Memorial Fund” to help me deal with this. If you would like to donate a dollar or more in memory of Lobo, please make out the check to my favorite charity: Round Valley Community Ministries. Write “Roof Project” in the memo. I am posting a description of the project here on my site for my friends, relatives, and fellow volunteers in the Santa Clara County Parks, the Milpitas Historical Society, and Marine Veteran Organizations.

Included is a copy of the poem I wrote in 1998 called “Lobo, Come Home.” Please mail your tax deductible donation to me. I will then forward all of the checks to Round Valley Community Ministries, between today and my birthday on August 13th.

No Further acknowledgement of my birthday will be necessary. I am aware that all of you are besieged with appeals to donate to various charities. Please feel free to send only a minimum donation in memory of Lobo. He taught me more than I can say about the unconditional love of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Cowboy Jack Wilson
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